Transport Services




Important to Us:

  • to provide our clients with the highest quality transport,
  • to choose our employees and train them regularly in order to ensure safe transport
  • modern vehicle fleet with EURO5 emission of pollutants,
  • technical condition of our vehicles is controlled and maintained in authorized services,
  • management and monitoring of consignments by the GPS satellite system,
  • combining transports with other types of transportation in order to protect the environment.

In order to protect the environment and reduce the time of delivery, we combine our transports with rail and shipping transports:

  • a container reloaded from a ship to a truck
  • a container reloaded from a wagon to a truck
  • a truck transported by ship
  • a truck transported by train

Vehicle Fleet:

The company’s
fleet comprises
70 semi-trailer sets
with various types
of superstructures.

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