We Care About:

Our priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality transport.Therefore, we place a great emphasis on the selection of our employees,for whom we regularly ensure trainings necessary for the safe transport.Your goods are transported by modern vehicles with EURO5. emission of pollutants. The technical condition of our vehicles is regularly controlled and maintained in authorized services. 
The transport of your consignment is managed and monitored by the GPS satellite system, through which we are able to determine the exact location of all our vehicles in the whole Europe. In order to protect the environment and to faster delivery of goods, we combine our transports with other types of transportation.

In order to protect the environment and reduce the time of delivery, we combine our transports with rail and shipping transports:

  • a container reloaded from a ship to a truck,
  • a container reloaded from a wagon to a truck,
  • a truck transported by ship,
  • a truck transported by train.

Sodema s.r.o. is able to provide for various types of transportation:

  • We specialize on transports of iron by special semi-trailers with a removable floor for loading iron scrolls to a trough of a semi-trailer.
  • Our vehicles are equipped and employees are trained for the carriage of dangerous goods known as ADR.
  • In case of a higher price of your goods, we are able to transport your goods in box semi-trailers.
  • For perishable foods, we offer refrigerated box semi-trailers.
  • Express transports are arranged by light delivery trucks.
  • We also provide for container transportation with special deck containers.