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We Care About:

Our priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality transport. Therefore, we place a great emphasis on the selection of our employees, for whom we provide regular training sessions necessary for safe transport. Your goods are transported by modern vehicles with EURO5 emissions levels. The technical condition of our vehicles is regularly controlled and maintained at authorized service centres.

The transport of your consignment is managed and monitored by the GPS satellite system, through which we are able to determine the exact location of all our vehicles across the whole of Europe. In order to protect the environment and to deliver goods faster, we combine our haulage with other means of transportation.

In order to protect the environment and reduce delivery time, we combine our haulage with rail transport:

  • a truck transported by ship,
  • a truck transported by train.

Sodema s.r.o. is able to arrange various types of transportation:

  • We specialize in transportation of iron by special semi-trailers with a removable floor for loading iron coils to through the floor of the semi-trailer.
  • Our vehicles are equipped and employees are trained in the carriage of dangerous ADR goods.
  • We can arrange container transport with special stackable containers.